Investing Since 2018

Investing in Fintech Development since the beginning of a new era

MaCompuSoft has a long history of supporting the technology, telecommunications, and financial services sectors. Financial Technology is at the core of the growing interaction between those industries. It holds great potential to help countries overcome development challenges, by making widespread access to financial services possible.

The Fintech investment team focuses on technology-driven innovation in financial infrastructure, products, services, and their distribution. By first quarter of 2018, we made huge investments in equity and debt in early- and growth-stage Fintech companies around the globe.

We aim to be a long-term partner to the Fintech companies we support—with growth and expansion capital, sector knowledge, and our global expertise and presence.


What We Do

Our Main Focus is Fintech Software which is powering the Hardware Behind


Major banks now offer mobile banking feature, especially with the rise of neobanks.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Running parallel to fintech is the birth of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Investment & Savings

We strongly support the explosion of investing and savings apps in recent years.

Machine Learning & Trading

Being able to predict where markets are headed is the Holy Grail of finance.


Payment companies have changed the way we all do business. It's easier than ever to send money digitally anywhere in the world.
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